Frigate version: 0.12.1-367D724

Home Assistant: 2023.10.1

Frigate NVRHome Assistant

How do I fix Timestamps in Home Assistant?

In Home Assistant you are getting wrong timestamps? in my case I was getting the wrong timezone. I solved my issue with adding a few links of code to Frigate and Home Assistant. Also, if your question is How do i fix the timestamp on the Frigate Recordings? This should help you also.

Frigate Config:

  # Optional: Set the default live mode for cameras in the UI (default: shown below)
  live_mode: mse
  # Optional: Set a timezone to use in the UI (default: use browser local time)
  # timezone: America/Denver #Not needed in Frigate, Docker line I think is all you need
  # Optional: Use an experimental recordings / camera view UI (default: shown below)
  use_experimental: False
  # Optional: Set the time format used.
  # Options are browser, 12hour, or 24hour (default: shown below)
  time_format: 12hour #<– i like 12 Hour time, I live in an area where we have sunlight so I dont need 24-hour clock.

Docker stack/compose:

– /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro 
– /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro

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