Frigate version: 0.12.1-367D724

Home Assistant: 2023.10.1

How do I fix the timestamp in Frigate, I want to see 12 hour!

For those in the world that live in an area of the world that can see the light most of the day, we dont have a need for 24 hour time in our Frigate setup. In Frigate now we have an option to actually change the time to 12 hour! yea!

It’s really simple to do this in Frigate. Just add the following ui: section in Frigate and Restart.

  # Optional: Set the default live mode for cameras in the UI (default: shown below)
  live_mode: mse
  # Optional: Set a timezone to use in the UI (default: use browser local time)
  # timezone: America/Denver
  # Optional: Use an experimental recordings / camera view UI (default: shown below)
  use_experimental: False
  # Optional: Set the time format used.
  # Options are browser, 12hour, or 24hour (default: shown below)
  time_format: 12hour