Home Assistant Version: 2023.10.3

I purchased some Shelly devices today, Specifically the Shelly Button and Shelly Gas detectors. I was disappointed with the integration with Home Assistant – That is I thought that I would see more information – or get more options. to see these other options,

The Install

1. Login to your Shelly Device IP (you should set these to be static IP’s). within the Shelly device, select Internet & Security. Then Select Advanced – Developer Settings. Enable MQTT. User name password and Server IP address.

While there you should upgrade the firmware, select Settings then firmware update, dont forget to reboot.

That is all for the Shelly Devices. You should be able to see the device in your MQTT broker now.

Now, go back to Home Assistant (HAOS)


In HACS, install Shelly HACS, dont forget to reboot.

Go into the Shelly HACS. Find the MQTT Broker Connection enter your MQTT server information.

 Now edit your configuration.yaml, at the bottom of your configuration file add these lines.

# Shelly
  version: true
    – all
#Below is optional Home Assistant should discover the Shelly Devices, but I like direct configuration
  discover_by_ip: # use the IPs of your shelly devices.
Restart home assistant.
how go to Device Integration install Shelly and your devices should be there.